Sunday, August 3, 2014

ER Visit

This afternoon during quiet time, Paityn asked for an apple. I told her she could go downstairs and get one but she said she wanted it cut up. I told her she could just eat it like normal! A few minutes later, she came upstairs holding her hand and whimpering. She said she had gotten a "parrot" knife and tried to cut the apple. She had a pretty good cut so we held pressure for awhile. Of course it wouldn't stop so we headed over to the hospital. I had called the care center but they said if it was still bleeding she may need stitches. When we got to the ER I checked and of course it was still bleeding. When we went into triage, it had stopped. AHHHHHH!!!

Paityn was a big girl, they cleaned it up and the closed it with glue.
She got it all bandaged up and was ready to go. Not how I thought I would spend my day!

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