Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Surgery for Beckett

So even though I know it's "only ear tubes", surgery for my baby is not something I was looking forward to. The thought of placing him in someone else's hands and asking them to care for him is tough! I know the likelihood of anything going wrong is low but I was still very nervous as the morning began.
We left bright and early for the hospital as he couldn't eat or drink anything in the morning!
My sweet baby boy has had so many ear infections so ear tubes it is. As long as he feels better with it, the procedure will all be worth it!

I had so many people say, it's just ear tubes. It is, but it's still surgery, on my baby.
Luckily we had an awesome nurse who I knew would care for him!
The surgery was so quick. We had just finished praying with Pastor Randy when Dr. Virgin came back in and said he did great! A little while later, I heard his scream and knew he had woken up. He was pretty irritable from the anesthesia but otherwise he did great!

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