Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fall Fest and Disney on Ice

Bre spent the night last night and the girls just had to have matching shirts.

I headed out with Britton to Coopertown Fall Fest. We had plans to meet Jack and Melanie for a little while before she had to go to the base to pack more things.
The boys played in a cornhole tournament and although they lost they had so much fun together. On the Wednesday night, they had come up with a song to support their team! Jack and Melanie had to leave early and all Jack wanted was a balloon from the balloon guy. They weren't going to be able to wait and Jack just fell apart. It wasn't the balloon, I'm sure it's all the changes he knows are about to come. Thankfully Carol Ann was in charge this year and was able to get Jack up to the front of the line. Changes are tough.

Tonight we surprised the kids with Disney on Ice.
They were so excited!

Watching their faces take it all in was so worth it.

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