Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mission Project and Brandon's 33rd Birthday

Tonight we headed to the greenway to pick up trash. Natalie decided to chase the ducks!
The girls - a lot of people were at the fair but we still had a great time!
Deer along the greenway.
Mitchell planking....
and Camille ended up here after trying to plank :)
Then she decided to chase the ducks!
Time for surprise birthday for Brandon!

Happy birthday!

We are so blessed.

Dress Fitting

It's so hard to believe that my baby sister is getting married.
Today I had the privilege of going with her for her final dress fitting.

So excited to be a part of her special day!

Time with Opa and Grandma

Monday - We are ready for a super busy week!

Britton was so excited because Opa brought him this hockey hat.
Tuesday - After work, I picked up Britton form school and went home to make a cake, brownies and all the food for my sister's shower. Then we picked up Paityn and headed to Nashville to spend the night with Opa and Grandma. For dinner, we had Cracker Barrel!
Wednesday - the kids were so excited to spend the night in a hotel and woke up very happy.

Ready for breakfast!
Britton and Opa headed to the pool and us girls went on a nice walk and relaxed.

It was a wonderful morning!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oma and Grandma Visit and Bridesmaid Lunch

Paityn warmed up to Opa pretty quickly.
And Britton remembered them right away!
We were so excited that Opa and Grandma came to visit. Britton got to ride home with them from church and was so happy!

Today was the bridesmaid lunch for Meghan.
I still remember my luncheon 8 1/2 years ago.
Paityn was so sleepy and slept for most of the luncheon.
She did wake up in time for dessert!
While at lunch, we talked about Meghan's ugly cry. Vivid memories from my wedding! I'll have to find the picture from my wedding to show you what happened during my ceremony and now my little sister is getting married!

Hard to believe Meghan is getting married next week, she is going to be a beautiful bride.
Tonight we spent some time as a family outside. It was beautiful!

We ate dinner and then went for a nice walk. It was a wonderful day!