Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Last Day

Bethany and Wyn gave the kids these bunnies as presents for the wedding. They love them! Britton's bunny even has a ring!

We spent the morning by the pool.

Paityn has really gotten brave and you have to keep your eye on her the entire time.

I told her she was a little diva and she said "no mama, I'm Paityn"

Britton has been swimming so well.

Our friend, I think they call them kotis, came to visit and decided to try and run off with all the kids crackers. They are brave little animals.

While the kids napped, Brandon and I took turns relaxing outside. He went to the pool and I went to the beach.

When they got up, we headed out to play.

Britton loves jumping in the waves.

Tonight we went to the fondue restaurant for dinner.

I could've taken pictures all week of how beautiful the food was done.

All week people have told us how great the kids have been and how well they play together. We had our own pool at our area and so we often saw the same people. We have met some incredibly kind people during the past few days.

We took a walk around the resort after dinner and noticed they were teaching dancing.

Both kids love to dance!

Paityn grabbed my hands and again and said "dance mama!"

It was an incredible vacation. Brandon wasn't able to use his phone all week and it was so nice! He never takes time like this. Even the kids commented on daddy being with them and not working.

It has been as truly memorable vacation.

Friday, March 30, 2012

The Wedding

We woke up to a perfect day for the wedding.

We met some of the girls for breakfast.

Headed to the pool for a little swimming and Paityn and I did our nails!

This really is an amazing place.

I met Bethany to take her to get her hair and nails done while Brandon watched the kids. I really appreciate all he did to help me with the kids. I stayed with Bethany until the wedding and calmed her down!

Britton was so proud to be in her wedding.

He protected his sign until the wedding!

Brandon also took some great pictures!

Paityn had had to be woken up so Brandon ended up carrying her down the isle.

Britton did such a great job! Someone else got a picture of him that I'll have to post. He walked up with the sign which eveyone loved and laughed at and then handed the rings to the best man.

It was a beautiful wedding.

Paityn was sleepy still so Britton took care of her.

It has been an unforgettable vacation.

Dinner was at the Mexican restaurant.

Here is Britton's sign!

Love Bethany's parents.

It was great to see Paul again as well.

They had their first dance at a gazebo and Paityn started dancing right away.

I dance mama!

This is Paul's finance Alice. She is such a sweet spirit. Hopefully we are able to visit them sometime in italy! It was a day full of memories.
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