Saturday, April 7, 2012

First Soccer Game

Here are a few more pictures from the wedding that were sent to us!

This is Harry, Bethany's dad.

Bethany and I grew up together in Canada and went to the same church when I was with my mom.

She and I have remained best friends despite the distance. I can call her anytime and know she will listen.

We always pick up right where we left off.

I was beyond excited when she asked me to be her matron of honor but brought to tears when she asked for Britton and Paityn to also be a part of her special day.

Paityn probably won't remember but I have fond memories of being in an aunt's wedding and hope Britton will as well.

We were incredibly honored to be included and be a part of this special day for her.

We love you aunt Bethy and uncle Wyn!

This is Lillian, Bethany's mom.

Tuesday - when we got back to TN, Monday was as rough start. Paityn had a high fever all day and ended up having strep. I started my new job Tuesday! Tuesday night was soccer practice.

Thursday- I think I'm going to really enjoy my new job. Today we also went to tour a school for Britton next year. Is my little boy really old enough for school? Easter egg hunts at school, new job, sick child, recovering from trip. It's been a busy week!

Tonight we decorated eggs at Oma and Papa's house.

Saturday - it was Britton's first soccer game!

Best friends.

One of our youth, Cody, was the ref. He said Britton had the hardest kick he had ever seen at this age.

Between Britton's hard kicks, Tate's fancy footwork and Reed's fastness, we have a great team!

We are thankful to Todd and his willingness to coach. Brandon is also the assistant ;)

It was a beautiful morning.

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