Friday, April 13, 2012


Saturday - Reed came out to eat with us and the boys had way too much fun.

They giggled and laughed the entire time. Brandon even did a little cardio class for them.

Sunday - Easter, a time to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

We tried for pictures....

Brandon had left early for the sunrise service.

When we got to church Britton said he didn't feel well and by the time Sunday school was over he was sick. We had to miss Brandon's family lunch and started treating Britton for strep.

They were pretty excited about their Easter treats.

We made them cover their eyes when we gave them theirs.

Monday - we had dinner with the Lands. The kids had too much fun together.

Wednesday - they can fight like cats and dogs and then hug and play together in just a few seconds

Britton is an amazing big brother.

We always have a great time with the youth.

Thursday - Britton and I spent the morning together eating breakfast, playing games and walking. After we picked up we headed to the park with Bronson and played awhile. Paityn had her two year checkup while Britton hung out with Bronson.

Friday - we have had a great week. Playing outside, going to the park and cleaning up. It's also my first full week at my new job and so far it's going great!

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