Friday, June 7, 2013

10 Year Anniversary Date

Thursday -
 We've had a great few days. I love my kids and am so happy with how well they play together - for the most part! I think they are both ready to play with their friends again but have enjoyed being together. Right now they are sharing a room and I can't get them to go to bed at night!
 Friday - Tonight Brandon and I went to the Melting Pot for our 10 year anniversary. Every year we have celebrated here! It's been fun to look back over our 10 years, how much we've changed and how much we have been blessed. We have gotten older for sure! It was nice to get away, have some adult conversation and just be together. Once Beckett is older we will go away for a weekend to celebrate our anniversary. The best part about the Melting Pot, besides the food, is how long the dinner takes!
 Beckett took a bottle for the first time tonight. He did well apparently but wanted to keep sucking to pacify himself. He has found his thumb but hopefully he will use it more when I go back to work!

I'm thankful that he was in good hands with my parents for the first time away. Love my little man!

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