Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Better Day

Sunday - I woke up to smiles and lots of them! Beckett has been smiling for awhile but his smiles are definitely becoming more purposeful. It melts my heart to see him grin ear to ear at me and the kids.
Such a relief after yesterday. Since we were out so late, we let the kids sleep in and didn't go to church in the am.
We did puzzles and relaxed a little. Then after lunch, we took the kids to Rivergate to shop for their bathrooms. This is what we had been planning to do the day before and didn't get to. The kids were excited to pick some stuff out.
We came back for church where Justin decided to take my phone of course. Such a better day than yesterday!
Monday - Our house is really coming along! The kids are very excited and ask all the time when we get to move in. They have even said they miss their old home. I think they realize how much stuff they have that is is storage and they really want it all out!

We had a pretty relaxing day and just enjoyed playing!

Tuesday - The kids went to the summer program at Bethleham Baptist today and Beckett and I hung out for a little while. We really didn't do anything except snuggle!
After picking up the kids, we went for a nice walk and then swimming.
It was a beautiful day!
Now if I could catch the big smile on camera!

The kids were completely worn out after school and swimming but still I could hear giggles from the two of them late tonight.

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