Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sitting Up

Tuesday - We had a relaxing day around the house, straightening up and cleaning! Much needed after the long day of flying yesterday.
Wednesday - Paityn decided that she needed to grow a little more and sat up for the first time by herself! She had done it for a little bit and then I went downstairs while Brandon watched the kids. He said to come upstairs and there she was sitting!
Thursday - My finger suckers!
He is so sweet to her, he was singing Jesus loves me to her! Every night before he goes to bed he gives her a kiss and says "I love you Paityn! Mama, I love her" Melts my heart.
Saturday - We went with Jeff and Abbey to the Melting Pot to celebrate our birthdays! I know that it is way past our birthdays but this was literally the soonest that we could celebrate. Our lives are so busy and Jeff and Abbey are going to be even busier. They are getting ready to adopt two more little boys from Taiwan!
I'm happy you're home mama!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Canada

We had a great breakfast with Auntie BJ and then headed to the mall before the airport. We went to a hockey store and Britton got a great hat!
Go Maple Leafs! He told me I couldn't get one because my hair was too big! My hair has been growing out but got curly with my pregnancy with Paityn. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it!
When we arrived at the airport, Britton was determined to get on an a-peen. He had slept with Elmo the night before and Auntie BJ let him take it with him. He did not want to let go of Elmo.
The line for immigrations was so long! I don't think I've ever seen a line that long before. Of course, Paityn got hungry so I had to feed her! Multi tasking!
During the first flight both kids fell asleep on me. My leg went to sleep, my arm was asleep but I didn't want them to wake up!
It was a long flight!
Britton had a great time in Minneapolis walking on the fast things.

I think on our last flight before we took off, Britton said "taking off, going fast" at least 30 times. He was very excited about the a-peen but did not want to go home. He cried when we left Canada and wanted to go back. Hopefully soon!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Park and a Relaxing Night

We made a stop at Tim Horton's after leaving the reunion. Love their timbits!
We met dad, Marion and the boys for a little picnic lunch.

The boys played a little soccer,
played in the playground,
swings and the slide! We had a great time but then it was time to say goodbye to dad. Always hard!
We drove the rest of the way to Calgary and went over to Auntie BJ and Karen's house.
They have a gorgeous house with an amazing backyard. I know Brandon's mind was really thinking about future homes!
After a great dinner, we headed to the Calgary Winter Club for swimming. Karen works there and the place is absolutely amazing! There is everything imaginable there (pools, weights, classes, youth and kids activities, dining areas, every type of indoor sport, etc)! We thought the lazy river, hot tub, swim suit dryer and pool were incredible! Britton had so much fun on the slide.
I think Paityn stayed in the pool for over an hour. It felt so good!
We made a stop to Dairy Queen for smarties blizzards and then headed back. Karen had Paityn laughing so hard! We had a great time with them, it was so nice to just sit and relax a little!

Saying Goodbye

Despite a terrific rendition of swagger wagon, the Batson family placed second place behind Dirk. We are gunning for that trophy next time!
It was another beautiful morning.
Before we got back in the car and said our goodbyes we had a mini church service.
It was a great way to end the weekend, surrounded by family and in God's creation.
Auntie BJ and Karen did an amazing job all weekend.

Uncle Rob did a great job of leading worship.
Opa and Oma were the ones behind it all! Thank you guys, we love you!

Cheesy grins!
Dad with all his grandkids.
It's always hard to say goodbye. Weekends like this make me realize how much I miss Canada and all my family. There is nothing like the beauty of God's creation here.
Like Britton said "Take a picture mama, that's pretty!"