Monday, June 27, 2011

Youth Sunday

Saturday - Tonight we went out to eat at Olive Garden as a family.
I love how much my kids love each other!

Sunday - After church, the seniors came over for lunch. We had planned a pool party but it was raining!
It was nice to just hang out with them.

Britton loved hanging out with Ben and Josh.
I tried to get the kids to nap and although they didn't, Ben
and Brandon did!

Paityn loved having her boyfriend Josh here.

She also loved playing with CJ.

Tonight at church was the Missionfuge share service. It was wonderful to hear Josh, Gabby and Marcell speak about their experiences. So proud of all the youth! We finished out our youth day with dinner at Zaxbys. What a blessed day!
Monday - Britton plays his drum everywhere.
Of course, Paityn has to play it too!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Swimming Lessons and Cars 2

Thursday - Britton started swimming lessons today. Paityn loved watching her big brother!
He was really excited until Ms. Rachel made him put his face in the water. I think it's more of a control issue for him but I really want him to enjoy himself and be safe!
He did finally jump in!
Friday - Wake up big brother!
Today we went with the youth for lunch and a movie!
It was Britton's first time at a hibachi grill.
He thought it was so cool! He did have to sit on Trace's lap with the fire.

Then we headed to the movies to watch Cars 2 on the opening day!
It was so good! I loved hearing Britton laugh throughout the movie. So much fun!

Tonight we enjoyed dinner with Danny, Megan and Emma. Great to just hang out and relax!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Slowing Down

Saturday - We spent the night in Knoxville with mom and Robert and then headed back this morning. It was a much needed break and the first time I felt clean all week! Those dorms were gross. We met Brandon for lunch at Panera and Britton was so excited to see daddy!

Paityn is really getting the perfect age to love on a doll and I'm hoping to find her the perfect one soon!
Sunday - Britton loves making Brandon and I coffee and decided to make some this morning for us! He even took this picture. We had lunch for Fathers Day with Brandon's dad and then came home to take naps!
Tonight we went out for dinner for Brandon, Robert, Jordan and Travis.

Paityn is running these days and loves to run off! She just giggles at herself.
The best picture I could get of the three! Thank you Brandon for the husband and dad you are to our children. You have blessed me and continue to bless our family. Thank you for your willingness to serve and to follow God's will. Thank you for your guidance and for providing for our family. We love you!
Tuesday - Adam Callis, one of our youth, made an amazing video of mfuge and the kids have watched it over and over. Britton has even figured out how to play it and Paityn will point at my phone and say Josh. She started calling him J at missionfuge but now it's officially Josh. He talks at the beginning of the video and she just loves it!

Wednesday - Today I made a tent for the kids to play in.
They thought it was the best thing!

It's been a great week so far but I've been reminded of a couple things: When things are going in God's will, Satan will try and attack and bring you down. As great as this past week, this week has been tough. We are trusting in God and praying for his continued provision.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Last Day

We woke up, packed and headed to the cafeteria for breakfast.
We've all been so busy so it was nice to just hang out with some of our youth.

Britton and Leena took a walk and fed the ducks for a little bit.
Silly faces!
Leena is such a beautiful person inside and out. We have been praying for her salvation!
Katie, Brandon and Ben.
Kelcy and Melody.
Gabby and Olivia. So proud of both of these girls and how they allowed God to work through them this week.
Lincoln, Josh and Brandon.

Adam, Abbie and Katie.

Mitchell, Britton, Bryson and Gabby feeding the ducks.

Melody, Britton, Kelcy, Mitchell, Sierra and Bryson. These ducks are full!

It was so nice to spend some time with Michelle this week.
Britton loves Melody!
Jacque, Bryson and Mitchell.
Alex, McLain and Sam.
Of course, the last night, Brandon got called up for Glob games.

He dropped the cups! Good try though!

One last time of worship, a prayer and then we headed back out on the road. What an amazing time. God worked so much in the lives of our youth, my prayer is that it'll continue in the coming weeks.

Thank you specifically to all the girls who placed your trust in me. I loved each of our talks and know that God is going to continue to work in each of your lives. To each of our youth - I'm so proud of you guys and your witness and leadership over the past week.